The Mission

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The Mission: GlutenfreeGlobalicious Life, established May 2018, is a different kind of gluten-free publication focusing on reminding Celiacs and Gluten Intolerants around the world, that you do NOT have to be a victim of this disease. I hope the life experiences you read about in this publication, will inspire you to go out into the world to confidently advocate and educate while enjoying safe and happy travels!

♡ Lori Miller, Creator, and Chef of GlutenfreeGlobalicious Life

Readers will enjoy:

  • Interviews with Gluten-free business owners from around the world
  • Featured International Gluten-free Chefs
  • International Restaurants and Bakery recommendations
  • Gluten-free Nutritional Tips from Top Dietitians and Nutritionists 
  • Reviews from our Gluten-free Global Travel Foodies 
  • Healthy & Simple Gluten-free Recipes that are Dairy-free and Grain-free, too!