Layne Dahlstrom: Her Supportive Spouse Makes a Huge Difference


GFG: How did your husband react to the news when you were diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

Layne: We were married for about a year before I was diagnosed. We both felt a mix of emotions. He was happy that we finally had a proper diagnosis, but we knew that going gluten-free would be life changing! He is an excellent cook, and it was difficult in the beginning to navigate how to alter recipes and have them taste good.

GFG: Does your partner live a 100% gluten-free lifestyle with you?

Layne: Absolutely not, but our home is close to being gluten-free, and it was 100% gluten-free during my pregnancies. It's an extra special treat for my husband when we go out, and he can indulge on "normal" foods.

GFG: What does your hubby do to help you maintain your gluten-free life?

Layne: We keep minimal gluten in the house. "The Bin of Sin" (which is a big plastic tote we keep inside of the pantry) contains any and all gluten-related products. Anything that contains gluten gets tossed in the bin. We really don't have many gluten-containing products . . . maybe crackers and some tortillas, and that's about it.

GFG: Where is your favorite place to enjoy a gluten-free meal together?

Layne: We really enjoy eating at Renee's in Troy, Michigan. I wouldn't eat anywhere but Renee’s during my pregnancies because it is the only gluten-free restaurant in our area and I didn't have to worry about being glutened. It's an amazing feeling to go into a restaurant and not have to look for something gluten-free. I also love being able to try anything that comes to the table!

Layne Dahlstrom is a Wife and Mama living in Michigan. Keep up with all of her gluten-free experiences by following her Gluten-free Queen Bee profile!