Nuria Sanchez-Morgan: Gluten-free Life with her Helpful Hubby

GFG: After receiving your diagnosis, how did your guy react to the news that you were going to have to live gluten-free?

Nuria: My husband was very supportive. My daughter was diagnosed right around the same time too, and she was just nine months old.  Needless to say, we were both hyper-focused on adjusting as quickly as possible.

GFG: What did he say or do to reassure you that your gluten-free lifestyle wouldn't be a problem?

Nuria: It was never an issue in our household. We knew we had to rally and just worked together to transition to a GF lifestyle as smoothly as possible. It helped that we were working with a nutritionist at the time for my daughter because we got a lot of good advice from her.

GFG: Does your husband live a 100% gluten-free lifestyle along with you? What does he do to help you maintain a GF life?

Nuria: Yes, we are all gluten-free at home. He has always been very supportive of it. It's kind of how we work. There is no gluten in the house, and when we go out, we always go to restaurants that have good GF options.

GFG: What is your favorite GF meal that you enjoy together? Homecooked? At a restaurant? Which restaurant?

Nuria: Right now we are into vegan dishes that are high in protein and loaded with veggies. We like to cook at home. 

GFG Mag: Where was your first gluten-free date? 

Nuria: Burton's Grill was one of the first restaurants we went too. They have an amazing GF menu and kid-friendly options. The staff is very knowledgeable also, so you feel safe.

GFG: Where is the one place in the world that you dream of going to, or are planning to go to, to eat gluten-free?

Nuria: I would love to have a gluten-free pizza in Italy with dairy-free cheese (I'm also allergic to milk). That is quite the reach, I know, but a girl can dream!

About Nuria: Nuria is a recipe developer, photographer and the author behind Peonies and a Latte! She shares her gluten-free recipes, easy lunchbox ideas, her favorite clean beauty products, and her motherhood journey. She is a science teacher and mother of two young children. 

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